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July 2020 (Vol. 5 Issue 5)

About the author: 

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The success of antifungal drugs may have fed a myth

The success of antifungal drugs may have fed a myth. In some cases anti candida therapuetic agents such as Nystatin seem to work only in very high doses (10 to 100 times the usual dose). This has led to the speculation that it may be helping by some other mechanism than just that of eradicating the yeast micro organism possibly by blocking bowel permeability.

Infant formulas containing peanut oil have been implicated in several cases of life threatening allergic reaction.A follow up examination of 45 formulas found peanut oil in 11. Peanuts are one of the four top allergenic substances in children. The Lancet, 2 November 1991.

In October 1991, Eli Lilly settled the claim of a "DES daughter" for $4.25 million reportedly the largest sum paid for the offspring of a woman who had taken diethylstilboestrol to prevent miscarriage. The drug was found to cause sterility and possibly cancer in offspring. The Lancet, 2 November 1991.

Doctors, panicked about the bad press given benzodiazepines, are abruptly withdrawing patients from the drugs or striking them from their lists, when solicitors write requesting medical records. So says the Benzodiazepine Solicitors Group in charge of the UK's largest group action personal injury case.

o injure the patient and leave the doctor open to a negligence claim, said Balen. British Medical Journal, 23 November 1991.

ME is not all in the head, admits the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. After studying of 527 patients, the centres concluded that most patients with ME are not victims of depression or other psychiatric problems.

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